Team Gripstone

Gripstone Climbing League Fall 2022

Want to meet new people? Want to have some fun climbing new routes set just for you? Want a little bit of friendly competition? Then Climbing Leagues are perfect for you!

Gripstone climbing league will run for 5 weeks. There will be three rounds. Each round will have new lead, boulder and top rope/auto belay climbs set every two weeks.

  • You may enter on a 3 person team or participate individually.
  • First round routes are unveiled on Day One: Sept 24 at 1 pm.
  • Climb for scored climbs. Everyone will have that night to climb for full route scores.
  • Points will be awarded and recorded on team or individual scorecards.
  • Climbers will be able to attempt all climbs throughout the league series, but route point values decrease over time.
  • Rounds Two and Three will follow every two weeks. With the last climbing day on Oct 28
  • A party, potluck and awards presentation at 6pm on Oct 29 will finish the series.
  • Current scores will be posted for all categories after each round.
  • The highest scoring team will be recorded and have their team displayed and forever preserved in Gripstone history on our League championship “Gripstone Wall of Fame”.
  • The entry fee is $60 plus tax for each 3 person team, $25 plus tax per individual entry
  • Sign up by Sept 23, 2022 for a FREE league shirt.
  • The cost does not include passes, memberships or gear rental.



*Development Team * Gripstone Gripz * Adult Teams I & II

Gripstone teams are for motivated climbers who wish to keep on a guided training program in a friendly supportive environment.

You will learn techniques, climbing efficiency, ways to train, fitness and strength. We will also focus on rope work, leading techniques and much more. The training sessions will be guided and coached by Gripstone’s excellent instructors to give the best opportunity to improve.Teams are intended for longer term participation to ensure time to mature into the climbing skills being taught.

In addition, Gripstone team members will have the opportunity to participate in future climbing competitions with guidance. Competing is not a requirement for participation on the team.


**No make-ups or refunds for missed days. Teams will not meet on Holidays, School breaks or gym closures.

Gripstone Development Team

Designed for ages 11 and older who are serious about their climbing and want to prepare for Gripstone Gripz. In addition, team members will have the opportunity to participate in future climbing competitions with guidance. Competing is not a requirement for participation on the team.

Team will meet Wednesdays from 4:30 to 5:30 pm.

Cost: $210 for each 3 month Block (12 sessions). A minimum of 5 participants required to run the development team.

Gripstone Gripz

Gripz is for those climbers ready to dive into serious climbing and training for all aspects of climbing indoors,outdoors and competition skills.

Gripz will meet Tuesday and Thursdays from 4:30-6:30pm

Participation on both practice days is encouraged but not required. Each team member must participate in at least 4 practices a month to remain on the team.

Cost: $325 for each 3 month Block. (24 sessions). A minimum of 8 participants required to run Gripstone Gripz.

Gripstone Adult Teams

Adult Teams I and II are designed for those 18 years old and up.
Team I will focus on the preliminary foundations of team skills. Adult teams II will build on the skills learned in Team I.
Team I will meet Wednesdays 9:30-11 am
Team II will meet on Wed from 5:45-7:15 pm

Cost: $325 for each 3 month block (12 sessions).A minimum of 5 participants required to run Adult Teams.

Teams Blocks 1 will begin Sept 2022